Age Calculator

Instantly calculate age with this tool


This age calculator is designed to help users quickly and simply work out the age of something or someone. To use the calculator, enter the date of birth and click ‘Calculate’. This tool supports multiple input formats, including words and special characters.

Supported Date Formats supports almost every date format, including those listed below (default is MM/DD/YYYY, so if a date could be either the default or DD/MM/YYYY, it would use the former.)

  • DD/MM/YY
  • MM/DD/YY

You can also use most special characters with no issues (eg .,-)

Use Cases

There are many situations where a tool like this online age calculator would come in handy, including, but not limited to:

  • To find out how old someone is (exact current age)
  • Working out age in years, months, weeks, days, minutes & seconds
  • Checking the age of babies, puppies, events, objects etc.

Sharing Your Result

Sharing the result of your calculation is simple. Copy the link using the button and send your unique calculation to family and friends.